Let customers and staff create custom kits online then follow-up on leads


CLASSICBOND® Materials Calculator

We provide our merchants with all the training and support they need to start selling our products but we also understand how important it is to just focus on the core sale and not get too caught up with the technical aspects of the system - which is why we created our Materials Calculator for CLASSICBOND®!

Designed to sit neatly within our Drop-Ship solution, our white-label calculator can be linked to from your website to allow customers to quickly create custom CLASSICBOND® roof kits in just 3 easy steps. It will work out all the required materials (membrane, adhesives and trims) from just a few dimensions and edging details, before allowing you to take payment and place a purchase order with us for the custom kit.

Better still, our kit calculator allows your customers to save their kits, providing a great retention feature by allowing them to compare prices and quickly resume their purchase with you at a later date. Your sales team will be kept informed about these saved kits, allowing them to follow up prospective sales to maximise the impact this tool can have on your business.


A simple 3-step process to simplify your sales process and to attract customers to your website


White-Label kit builder, with ability to add custom kit to your shopping basket


Lead Management system to provide your sales team with details of kits that have been saved for future use


End-to-End cut-to-size service, from calculation to kit delivery

Available with our
Drop-Ship Solution

Not Available with our
Bulk Supply Solution