Reduce the cost and waste for you and your customers with our exact size EPDM


Cut-to-size EPDM

Our unique membrane cut-to-size service allows us to cut your drop-ship orders to the actual size required. No more end of roll off-cuts and over supply from standard inefficient roll widths.

Working directly from the manufacturers rolls, we are able to cut membrane to any size, offering seamless solutions up to 30 metres in length.

Why is this important?

The adhesives and edge trim systems associated with EPDM rubber roofing are relatively straightforward to handle, however the larger CLASSICBOND® EPDM membrane sheets can pose more of a problem if you don't have enough space or the specialist equipment required to handle them.

The EPDM rolls have a cardboard inner tube measuring 3.40m in length. All membranes greater than 3.05m wide are folded to ensure the membrane is still manageable. The cut-to-size solution gives you and your customers much greater choice of membrane size over and above the standard roll widths listed in the table below. If you do decide to bulk stock ClassicBond EPDM by the full roll we have listed the individual weights of the rolls for you here as well.

ClassicBond® Roll Size 1.2mm (Standard) 1.5mm (Premium)
3.05m x 30.5m 139kg 186kg
4.57m x 30.5m 210kg 279kg
6.10m x 30.5m 278kg 372kg
7.62m x 30.5m 349kg 465kg
9.15m x 30.5m 420kg 558kg
15.25m x 30.5m 698kg  
15.25m x 15.25m   465kg

If you are interested in our Bulk Supply solution then you might want to consider the RESITRIX & Duoply EPDM systems as they lend themselves to pallet storage, are more commonly sold by the roll and both weigh under 32kg per roll.

Available with our
Drop-Ship Solution

Not Available with our
Bulk Supply Solution